This is a book written in Gitbook and hosted with Netlify.

Deploy to Netlify

Quick Start

Let's get started with Gitbook-NetlifyCMS step by step.

Fork on Github

More info: GitBook Help Center

Deploy to Netlify

Build command: gitbook build
Publish directory: _book

More info: A Step-by-Step Guide: GitBook on Netlify

Enable Identity and Git Gateway

Netlify's Identity and Git Gateway services allow you to manage CMS admin users for your site without requiring them to have an account with your Git host or commit access on your repo. From your site dashboard on Netlify:

  1. Go to Settings > Identity, and select Enable Identity service.
  2. Under Registration preferences, select Open or Invite only. In most cases, you want only invited users to access your CMS, but if you're just experimenting, you can leave it open for convenience.
  3. If you'd like to allow one-click login with services like Google and GitHub, check the boxes next to the services you'd like to use, under External providers.
  4. Scroll down to Services > Git Gateway, and click Enable Git Gateway. This authenticates with your Git host and generates an API access token. In this case, we're leaving the Roles field blank, which means any logged in user may access the CMS. For information on changing this, check the Netlify Identity documentation.

Add the Netlify Identity Widget

You'll need to add this to the <head> of your CMS index page at /admin/index.html, as well as the <head> of your site's main index page.We could include the script in your site using Netlify's Script Injection feature;

<!-- Include the script that enables Netlify Identity on this page. -->
  src="[email protected]/build/netlify-identity-widget.min.js"

Add the following script before the closing body tag of your site's main index page using Netlify's Script Injection feature.

  if (window.netlifyIdentity) {
    window.netlifyIdentity.on('init', (user) => {
      if (!user) {
        window.netlifyIdentity.on('login', () => {
          document.location.href = '/admin/';

You are finished with Gitbook-NetlifyCMS

Now you can control site content in


This Project is under the MIT License.

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